Didgeridoo adds a new dimension to electronic music connecting the audience with organic vibrations of an ancient instrument. A didgeridoo and drums combined bring a story and thrill while electronic music fills up the space with a strong pumping energy. The didgeridoo live on stage certainly adds the element of surprise and magical vibrations. And the explosive energy of drums complement the mix.  

Vick is a professional drummer, didgeridoo player, singer and songwriter with more than 20 years of stage experience. He has created an unique niche performance suitable for night clubs and dance floor mixing a didgeridoo drone sound and natural pulse.

Vick Didge&Drum
Como Poden
Vick Didge&Drum feat. Barbara S
Riu Riu Chiu
Vick Didge&Drum feat. Barbara S
Didge meets Africa (ambient)
Vick Didge&Drum
Diva Demolition
Dubai, Entertainment Forces

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